Pieta House Hope Pendant

This past September, MoMuse unveiled a very special limited edition design in support of Irish suicide and self-harm charity, Pieta House. MoMuse designer, Margaret O’Rourke is delighted to announce the final remaining limited edition pendants have now been sold, resulting in over €18,265 funds being raised for the deserving cause in just 4 weeks.

Shining in glistening gold, the limited edition MoMuse gold-filled pendant, is engraved with the word hope, the message which underpins the work of Pieta House today. Carefully considered and thoughtfully designed, the beautiful gold-filled Hope pendant from MoMuse was also accompanied by a keepsake card inscribed with the unique message of “with this pendant let hope rise and darkness tremble”. A message which resonated with individuals across the country and indeed, even further afield with orders coming in from England, Spain, France, America and even Australia.


Pieta House strives to achieve a world where suicide, self-harm and stigma have been replaced by hope, self-care and acceptance through supporting people and communities in crisis by providing freely accessible service to all. In support of this MoMuse introduced the inspiring one-off design with all proceeds going to Pieta House to aid in its efforts to help people feel more hopeful about the future while continuing to tackle the grave issue of suicide and self-harm in Ireland today.


Speaking about the limited edition design, MoMuse creator Margaret O’Rourke said “I am so overwhelmed by the immense support shown to this project by the public, from day one it surpassed our expectations like we could never imagine! I have been so moved by each and every message I have received as it seems with every purchase, a real-life story came with it. Sadly, suicide and self-harm are issues which affect almost every Irish family. Pieta House empowers people through generating hope and through creating acceptance – my wish here was that this pendant could in turn inspire hope in others too; be it a symbol, a special reminder or simply a sign of support. I hope that this wish has now come true.”


“From the very first day I met Margaret I knew that this symbolic collaboration between ourselves and MoMuse was going to resonate strongly with the people of Ireland and further afield, not only those touched by the scourge of suicide but also those reaching out for hope in their own particular context.” said Brian Higgins, CEO of Pieta House…

“Margaret’s determination and dedication to bring the hope pendant to as wide an audience as possible was clear for all to see and at all times her warmth and generosity of spirit left us in no doubt that we were involved with someone really special, a one-off, just like the pendant.

The pendant itself, so simple but striking, was the star of the show while stocks lasted and thanks to the general public stocks didn’t last that long and for that we appreciate the amazing support shown to what proved to be an incredible experience for those involved.”


The Hope pendant raised over €18,265 in support of Pieta House. This fund will be invested solely in the ongoing critical services provided by Pieta House to those suffering due to self harm or suicide in Ireland today.

Due to the overwhelming support the Hope pendant is now completely sold out. A great thank you to all of those who supported MoMuse in helping this worthwhile and important cause.



Since it’s launch the Hope Pendant has received an overwhelming response, both from the public and the press. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the press who featured the Hope Pendant and helped in spreading awareness about this amazing charity.

  The MoMuse launch of a special edition Hope pendant in support of Pieta House. Irish jewellery designer, Margaret O’ Rourke of MoMuse has  designed a beautiful and delicate gold filled pendant  inscribed with the word Hope, the message which underpins t


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